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Event trends – Local is lekker

The year 2018 has seen many changes to the way event organisers approach their planning. Sustainability is a key feature this year, with organisers utilising solar energy as well as recycled and upcycled goods as the backbone of events and their marketing.

A few years ago, fancy straws were all the rage at events. In 2018 you’d better have steel, glass or bamboo straws or risk offending half your attendees! Balloons, glitter and streamers… these all have questionable eco-credentials. These changes might at first appear aesthetic but in reality they are part of a greater social shift taking place globally.

Keeping up with these shifts is the bread and butter of any successful event planner. It’s make or break, so we thought we’d help out and give you insight into another change that’s guiding the event planning process in 2018.

Top 5 Apps That Every Event Planner Needs

Gone are the days of clipboards and writing down lists. Nowadays the world is run on smartphones and they have changed the way every industry functions. Including the eventing industry.

Who needs a clipboard when modern apps let you create lists, schedules, milestones, share notes with your team and lots more? When last did your clipboard remind you about a deadline?

Notepads and scheduling apps have always been available on smartphones and are useful, but we feel there are a few apps that every event planner needs!

Event Space Innovation in 2018

It’s 2018 and the event landscape is evolving yet again. The days of the traditional event where 200 people gather and you feed them are numbered. Today, the expectations are much higher. From mind-blowing keynote speakers, showcasing life-altering innovation projects to exciting uses of technology. What this means is that even though the end goal stays the same, events are being delivered in different ways. According to the Bizzabo events blog, the motto for planners this year should be “think outside the hotel” and “so long stadium.” Amex Global Meeting Forecast reported a 4% increase in interest around non-traditional event spaces in 2017 with a forecast of a further 3.8% increase expected in 2018. From the venue to the approach, we see these engagements taking place differently in 2018. Event planners can’t ignore social and technological developments that accelerate at an ever-increasing pace.